Every girl has a story to tell about menstruation. Many of these are heart-breaking; however, as these stories are told, we realize that the issues faced by girls are more prevalent then we would have thought, especially from under-privelaged girls in society.

Do you remember the telecoms directory (phone book) you remember it’s pages are soft?

Yes, I use to fold those pages and used them as pads especially when I’m home so as to spare my pads for use at school and church.


My mother was away from the house as she had gone to the fields for ploughing. I was left with my big brother who I was afraid of, and gran who I was too shy to approach. I snuck into her room and stole the last bit of toilet paper, which held me for 2 hours… 😨😨 I didnt know what to do. I took my tshirt and used it..😭😭

Boitumelo Janet Phineas

I was 14 when I got my period , I did not had pads and circumstances where I lived did not afford me to buy them . So my first pad was a cement brown paper  as I though it’s plastic on one side and will not leak and the absorbent part to help me.

-Shiela Tshegofatso Molelekwa (Former Miss Universe Botswana and Big Brother Big Shots)

That evening, I told my mum that I was experiencing period pains. This was on prize giving night. My mum was cashless & dad was away at the farm. I had no choice but to use the last toilet paper available, then hit the road. In the middle of prize giving, I experienced heavy flow. I put on a brave face & sought help from a stranger. We sneaked into the ladies room where she gave me her emergency sanitary pad. She explained to me that she once experienced the same thing.

-Maipelo Tlhomelang

Whats YOUR Story?


Sharing your story helps bring an end to the shame and stigma girls face, and more importantly brings knowledge, encouragement and inspiration that will enable today’s girls to stand on our shoulders.